Como Sufre el Pecho Mio, 2017  48″ x 65″


Artist Statement

My work examines gender, culture, and place through use of paints /fabric to capture narratives of brown subjects and their relationships within domestic spaces. My fascination with human relationships and spaces provides an endless source of inspiration for me. The settings take place in domestic spaces and more specifically depict familial interactions of working class. My process involves concentrating on significant cultural moments that have shaped identity for me.   I employ my settings as characters allowing them to frame a story becoming archetypes of brown interior and exteriors of homes. I see my work as a way of creating familiarity with brown subjects for the viewer. 


Aesthetic Vision

I finely craft a hybrid of hyper photo realistic images combined with impressionistic layered strokes. My works have been described as deeply visceral works with physical layers that play with language, color, and memory.  I use both memory and photographs to piece the image together and  invent from what is there.I shift from loose strokes to more focused tighter realism; never committing to one but balancing between both.  My colors are  vivid and come from a south Texas landscape, colors inspired by the border.I create depth with drips, lines, and layers of color.  I also use fabric as an alternative to a frame comes from a domestic sensibility that is inherent with my upbringing.


                                                                                                  2018 Copyright Ruth L. Buentello