Ruth Leonela Buentello

Yo Tengo Nombre, 2018

Yo Tengo Nombre, 2018  48″ x 60″


Artist Statement

My work centers on my relationship with my family, whose roots are from northern Mexico. The connection to our cultural norms has shaped our actions, beliefs, and behaviors. Our relationships are strained, however, I am seeking out the moments of tenderness and also embracing those moments of fragility that exist within family dynamics.

These paintings are a way to  process those things that are not communicated. It’s my way of having imagined visual conversations with those memories and moments in my family’s history. I am also interrogating how class, gender, and place have impacted our relationships.   Part of my process involves creating composite references of my family snapshots layered with drawings of symbols or actual objects from memory that add emotional depth to my narratives.

My palette, patterns, language, are all inspired by domestic spaces found in south Texas. Our surroundings play a large part of creating unique domestic settings.  I feel that our surroundings play a role in relating to other families from south Texas. To add to the domestic connection, I incorporate materials/ techniques that can be found in the home like latex paints, fabric, wood, ribbon, and embroidery .






                                                                                                  2018 Copyright Ruth L. Buentello