Yo Tengo Nombre, 2018
Yo Tengo Nombre, 2018  48″ x 60″
Ruth Buentellos’ works can be described as deeply visceral narratives about brown bodies and their relationships to their social and economic place in a south Texas Landscape. She creates composite images of families and individuals based from memory, news articles, and her own family album photographs. Her figures create a setting through use of dramatic compositions and /or expression of emotions allowing them to frame a story for the viewer.   Her palette and choice of settings are inspired by the US/Mexico landscape. Her intention for her work is to create familiarity with brown subjects in painting and to challenge the current American hegemonic narrative.
Artist Statement 
 My work attempts to resolve the invisibility of brown narratives by creating a normative Xicanx experience within the American narrative. I want to address issues of invisibility and dehumanization of the Latinx experience. By focusing on familial relationships and cultural memory of working class people of color. I examine patriarchy and its  role in gender identity and inequalities.   These narratives take place within south Texas domestic landscapes. As a response to current political climate  I am examining the connection between the domestic space and Latinx representations in public sphere.
My process involves drawing from memory and photos from the domestic.  I integrate materials and processes from domestic crafts and home construction materials within my work . My work centers on my positionality as a first generation Xicana in the United States.
                                                            2019 Image Copyright Ruth L. Buentello