Como Sufre el Pecho Mio, 2017  48″ x 65″


I paint from a bi-cultural lens that documents my own personal experience with familial interactions specific to south Texas. The life of a daughter of immigrants living in South Texas can hold its own unique idiosyncrasy and, can contrast sharply in expressions of gender, culture, and place, as compared to the mainstream American family unit.  I am interested in focusing on what sets my family apart and at the same time through that focus finding what makes us, immigrants, Americans as well.

My works are intended to be taken as visual biographies that recreate and reinvent from the actual narratives of my life. Subsequently my identity as a woman of color sets the tone of my interpretation of a south Texas contemporary landscape which is not a common occurrence in the arts.


                                                                                                  2018 Copyright Ruth L. Buentello